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IT Outsourcing: advantages and disadvantages

Srp 29, 2020 | Uncategorized

Outsourcing is a modern way to increase the competitiveness of companies. It delegates responsibility for corporate IT (or other non-key activities) to a third party. This gives you more time to focus on your main area of ​​interest. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. What are the benefits and risks of corporate information technology outsourcing?

Advantages of corporate IT outsourcing: Savings and an edge over the competition

Thanks to outsourcing, the company will receive experts skilled in its field. In most cases, therefore, this approach leads to financial savings and an increase in the quality of work performed. You will also have a more accurate overview of IT expenses.

You decide for yourself what you need to outsource, and the range of contracted services can be increased or decreased over time. You do not have to deal with a technical or legal aspect (for example, software updates, licensing, etc.). In addition, you are not dependent on the internal IT department, which is usually not available 24/7. Your IT team can have fewer members and takes up less space and resources. In addition, IT outsourcing reduces investment in training the internal IT department.

Especially with specific requirements (such as deploying a new system, moving to the cloud, process automation, infrastructure virtualization, etc.) you do not need to hire experts in specific areas. You will especially appreciate this advantage for one-off activities that are much easier for an external company to cover.

An partner company does not have a distorted view of your business and therefore can effectively advise you on which areas of IT to focus on, what to invest in and how not to waste time. In addition, if you entrust IT to one partner, you create a relationship with him and the whole cooperation is easier than dividing tasks between several independent contractors.

A good external company can offer professional, quality-driven and an ideally comprehensive range of services, thanks to which a single supplier will suffice for everything.

Outsourcing will bring savings, reduced investment in IT and a perfect overview of expenses spent on information technology.

Disadvantages of corporate IT outsourcing: Feeling of losing control or quality of cooperation

When outsourcing, you lose some control over the execution of individual tasks. In most cases, however, quality work is more important. Also pay attention to the contract you are signing, taking care of the scope of work and the length of the contract. Make sure that the agreed price includes everything and which items the resulting amount may increase. Some outsourcing providers may offer you extra services that you will not use at all, or they will try to tie you in for a longer period of time. Choose your partner really carefully.

If someone from outside works on your IT, managing it can be more difficult than with your own employees. Communication often takes place by telephone or electronically, and some information may be “lost in translation”. However, today there are many solutions in the form of video conferencing calls and online tools, enabling efficient remote collaboration or simplifying project management.

If different parts of your IT are managed by different external experts, the results achieved may be inconsistent and, for example, newly deployed systems may not work together. You can avoid this by choosing one quality supplier who can cover all the areas you require.

Outsourcing brings room for growth … and peace of mind.

Outsourcing helps your organization grow: it allows you to focus fully on business and leave the worries of technology and innovation in IT to experts. Functional IT gives your company a competitive advantage. Where others struggle with IT settings, you have it solved. Do you want to start outsourcing right away?

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