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Monitoring and reporting: Key to a successful business?

Zář 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

Every modern company is constantly striving to improve its own processes and customer service. He who (just for a while) rests on his laurels, will no longer be able to compete. One of the ways to increase your own efficiency, reduce costs and make things happen in the company is automated monitoring with reporting. How does it work and what does it pay back to the company?

Where automated monitoring and reporting is useful

Many monitoring and reporting tasks used to be done manually. Stacks of papers with endless tables, distributed by the master to each department, were the order of the day. Everyone had to find what they needed in the data. Fortunately, these times are long gone and many processes can be automated thanks to computers. In all IT projects, monitoring and reporting usually represent the last (and often never ending) phase.

The use of automated monitoring is offered in addition to operational activities in the field of quality management; It is applied in the management of human resources (HR) and their processes, in the environment of the sales department, production or logistics. It provides each of these departments with interesting and at the same time useful information, tailored to their needs.

What questions does monitoring and reporting answer?

Automated monitoring will provide the company with a lot of quality data for subsequent analyzes. As an example, here are some of the questions that monitoring and reporting can answer with their outputs:

  • Do all activities within a specific project lead to the desired goal? Which are redundant?
  • What worked in a particular project and what didn’t? 
  • Do employees use a company computer to work? And are they as productive at home as they are in the office?
  • Is the permitted scrap limit for a specific machine observed?
  • Is the company’s IT hardware working properly or is it time to replace one of the computers, network components and other components?
  • What does network traffic look like? Is the infrastructure effectively set up and well secured

The data just obtained will help you find the answers. Based on them, the company can increase the efficiency of individual processes, learn from mistakes, prevent their repetition and be further inspired by successful projects.

7 key benefits of monitoring and reporting for your company

  1. The information obtained serves as an overview for the management and leadership of the company. Based on them, strategic decisions are made about the further direction of the company. This also leads to financial savings, because decisions are based on data.
  2. In the case of automated reporting, each department receives only really relevant data in the form of reports. They doesn’t have to go through tables they don’t need at all.
  3. It helps to identify potential problems in a timely manner and respond to them appropriately. Alerts come when you need them, not when something has already happened.
  4. Monitoring and reporting helps the company grow. It maintains information about what is happening and the individual steps of the management thus make sense.
  5. Monitoring can show that fewer people are needed for a job or that a process can be automated. This saves the company human resources.
  6. Based on the monitoring of work activities, the company is able to better set corporate and employee goals.
  7. Based on the data obtained, the company can better predict further developments in a specific area.


Monitoring and reporting with us

Today, a number of areas and procedures can be automated using information technology. We at PEKK Consulting also deal with this. If you are interested in more information, contact us. Our experts will discuss your ideas with you, evaluate existing processes, and design and implement improvements to help you better achieve your business goals. This will allow you to make really informed decisions.

You can find more information here to find out exactly how we can help you with monitoring.

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