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Monitoring and Reporting

Save worries and finances by early detection of problems even before they occur, streamline your processes and the work of employees. All this with professional monitoring and reporting.

By monitoring and reporting, you will reduce or completely eliminate potential damages and get a better overview of various risks and procedures in the company. Thanks to accurate data, you will also better understand them and keep all processes under control.

What We Can Help With

  • Assistance with finding out what you expect from monitoring, what areas you want to cover and what values ​​are important to you,
  • designing a specific solution and explaining what you will get from implementing it,
  • setting up monitoring systems (including warnings in case of problems) and agree on how often you want to see reports,
  • we can provide you with technical support or we can expand the monitoring to other areas,
  • taking over the supervision of your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your important business,
  • helping to obtain useful reports that will help you achieve financial savings, improve processes and increase efficiency.

Our Strong Points

By monitoring and reporting, we help reduce or completely eliminate potential damages and get a better overview of various risks and procedures in the company. Thanks to more accurate data, our clients understand them better and keep all processes under control. Let us know for more information.

  • Needs Analysis
  • Business Consultation
  • Custom Solution
  • Implementing

Value For Your Business

You can save money and increase quality with real-time alerts. A warning when the scrap rate is exceeded allows you opportunities to react and not waste time or materials, then you can analyse the cause of the overrun (new employee, change in the process, a new supplier or an error in the production process?), you work with the data and soon you not only continue the original evaluation, but streamline the entire production process and planning. If a problem occurs, you can identify the cause and, for example, find that it’s the best time to replace a specific network element, computer, or other hardware.
There may also be a need to strengthen a part of the network that is currently congested, which you identify thanks to properly set monitoring.

Your HR reports can use monitoring to determine employee productivity by analysing use of applications during working hours, comparing productivity in the office vs. in the new home office, checking activities on the work computer while the employee is working from home and security quality analysis.

Last but not least, reports obtained by the properly setup monitors are very useful for more efficient management. They help speed ​​up the decision-making process thanks to automatically generated reports where possible, saving time and making informed decisions based on the most relevant data needed by management.

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