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LAN/WAN Networks

 Are cables, routers, switches and firewalls a nightmare for you? We will take care of your network completely. Its size is not an obstacle: we will design a local area network in a small company and a large WAN network for a multinational corporation.

A computer network forms the vascular system of your company. If all its parts communicate effectively, it also works as a whole. And it is a professional design of the network that is the best option for the network structure and its efficiency as well as a defense against security threats.

What We Can Help With


  • Analysis of network requirements and existing solutions (systems used, data flows). The analysis also includes a security audit.
  • Joint consultations and proposals for optimizing and modernizing the network infrastructure.
  • Implementation of the network or parts or upgrades of the existing solution (for example, replacement of cabling and obsolete network elements).
  • Comprehensive network security, including the selection of the most suitable antivirus solution and control of access rights to devices and files.
  • Implementation of a virtual VLAN network and remote access settings, including VPN.
  • Providing technical support and long-term network management, including regular reporting and information on potential problems.

Our Strong Points

 A perfectly functioning network and quality security will provide you with the best protection against cyber attacks and unauthorized access. Based on more than 15 years in the field, we can find the optimal solution for your business as well.

  • Security
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Perfect stability
  • Custom Solution

Value for your business

Leakage of sensitive data due to insufficient security or incorrectly set up user access can have far-reaching consequences for your business. It’s not just about financial losses, but your competitors can find data on the web that a hacker has made available and get information about your long-prepared product that you were about to launch.

There are many dangers to networking with configurations left in factory settings; everyone will find the password for your router on the Internet. The same goes for weak user passwords. Due to the large number of threats, each network must be very well secured (from the outside, but also in terms of access rights to devices and files on the local LAN).

With a professionally crafted topology and suitable network elements, you will achieve the highest possible efficiency, the best throughput and perfect stability. We design each solution to measure. We will recommend only those procedures and network elements with which we have many years of experience.

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If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We can arrange virtual or telephone meetings to understand your requirements and options, and suggest the optimal solutions.

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